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Project Configurator for Jira

Project Configurator
for Jira

The leading app for Jira migrations and configuration changes; import Jira projects, import Jira project configuration and migrate Jira Service Desks.

Why use Project Configurator for Jira?


Save time

Performing migrations manually can be highly time-consuming. With Project Configurator you will be able to automate many of these manual tasks.


Reduce errors

Reduce the chance of human error occurring when performing manual migrations.


Minimise costly downtime

By testing Jira configuration changes on a test/staging instance before using Project Configurator to copy these changes across to your live production instance.

Project Configurator is the leading migration and Jira configuration management tool

Project Configurator provides full Jira migration support and automates the time-consuming task of merging complex Jira instances.

Simulate imports to identify and resolve any potential issues before completing the import for real.

Have dashboards, filters and Agile boards you need to migrate? No problem. With Project Configurator your migrations are in safe hands.

What can Project Configurator do for me?

Easily migrate Jira projects

Easily migrate Jira projects

If you need to migrate Jira to another server, a group of projects can be moved in a single operation. This includes issues, attachments, configurations, associated filters, dashboards, and Scrum or Kanban boards. Export Jira projects before easily importing into a second Jira instance.

Simulate Imports

Using a Simulated Import, preview configuration changes that will be applied to the target instance to assess the impact of any change. View coincident objects in the existing and new configurations, identifying potential errors, and targets before you migrate Jira projects or configuration.

Simulate Imports
Responsible Change Management

Responsible Change Management

Stop double handling - avoid having to manually update all configuration changes in your Jira staging environment as well as your production instance. Easily export Jira configuration from staging before promoting these changes with Project Configurator to your production instance.

Wondering how Project Configurator stacks up against the competition?

Take a look and find out for yourself.

Migrate Third-Party Apps with Project Configurator

Project Configurator can migrate a range of third-party apps from one Jira instance to another, including:

Migrate ScriptRunner for Jira with Project Configurator

Migrate ScriptRunner for Jira with Project Configurator

Migrate configurations of one of the most popular automation apps on the Atlassian Marketplace, ScriptRunner for Jira. In addition to ScriptRunner, you can also migrate the following third-party apps: Jira Workflow Toolbox Jira Misc Workflow Extensions JSA Automation Suite for Jira Workflows

Make your apps compatible with Project Configurator

Are you a developer or app vendor wanting to create or market an extension for Project Configurator? With our Integration ToolKit you have a step-by-step guide to preparing your apps for migration between Jira instances with Project Configurator.

Make your apps compatible with Project Configurator

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