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Adaptavist wins Atlassian Partner of the Year 2020: Cloud Migration Services award

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Here’s why the right expertise and advice can make your cloud migration a little bit easier for you and your users.

There’s a LOT going on at Atlassian Team ’21 – so we’ll forgive you if you missed the big Adaptavist news: we have been awarded Atlassian Partner of the Year 2020: cloud Migration Services for the first time!

“We’re thrilled to receive the Atlassian Partner of the Year 2020: cloud Migration Services award,” said Simon Haighton-Williams, CEO, Adaptavist. 

“As a pioneer in helping large businesses with complex set-ups move to Atlassian cloud, we pride ourselves on delivering pragmatic advice and successful migration results at every stage of the process.

Of course, every organisation has different needs and priorities – so no matter the shape or size of your organisation, we are committed to helping you make the right decisions for your business and users”

In fact, to say we’re thrilled is an understatement. This accolade reflects our teams’ ongoing commitment to provide our clients with the best Atlassian tool migration experience possible. 

We know that plotting a path from Atlassian Server to cloud is a big deal. And for some organisations, daunting doesn't even cover it. Our tried and tested, people-first approach has seen us help some of the world’s leading businesses to migrate across every major deployment model–and this award is testament to that. 

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"‘From strategy through to execution, Adaptavist has provided crucial consultancy for our 10,000 user Atlassian cloud migration.
"They helped us understand what challenges we had and how to go about overcoming them, and helped us design and build our environments. They are playing a key part in our migration efforts, and also deliver an important managed service hybrid component.’"
Tom W. and Chris F., Arm Holdings

Experienced partners at every step

Our bespoke approach starts at the discovery phase, where we define the scope of your migration, figure out where we’ll need to dig a little deeper, and highlight problem areas to focus on. We explore your Atlassian application and add-ons inside-out, both before and after migration, looking for differences and ironing them out, and we always include all key stakeholders along the way.

From pre-migration change implementation, development, and testing through to step-by-step migration with full production data and post-migration support, our wealth of experience means we know exactly what a good Atlassian cloud migration should like and how to make one happen. 

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What does a best practice-driven cloud migration look like?

Migrating is a mission, but it’s made a lot easier if you plan meticulously, communicate religiously, and test, test, and test again. Here are a few top considerations to keep in mind.

Go big or go phased?

Picking the right strategy is a key part of getting your migration journey off on the right foot—and most importantly making sure it aligns with your unique business goals and constraints. Ask whether a big bang approach, where you migrate everything in one go, or a bite-sized one – just moving a few projects at a time – is best. The choice will depend on your organisation’s size and the complexity of your instances.

Know your needs

Do you know what you want to migrate to Atlassian cloud and why? Is there anything you’re leaving behind? Make sure you have consensus from all relevant stakeholders and perform a full system audit to streamline the process and avoid unnecessary work. This will also shine a light on the complexity of your situation and the capabilities of your infrastructure.

Get organised 

Once you’re on the road to cloud migration, it’s difficult to pull over or do a U-turn. That means spring cleaning everything so it’s ready for its final destination. Include data preparation plans to format everything correctly for your users; think about whether you’ll merge login IDs for different systems; and keep a look out for custom field conflicts or unpublished workflows that could cause problems.

Communicate then migrate

Always think about your users – you might know what’s going on, but do they? Give everyone the information they need when they need it and your migration will go a lot more smoothly. Set out a timeline and schedule consistent messages throughout the process; incorporate visual cues, like banner notifications, to remind people when things have changed; and let people know about downtime well in advance.

Take testing seriously

User acceptance testing (UAT) helps you make sure any action you take has been successful according to the people who matter most. Get to know your users’ workflows, and then put a clear UAT plan in place that incorporates all user types and their most-critical functions. Then you can fix issues before migration, avoiding data loss, reputational damage, and associated costs. If you’re taking a phased approach, UAT needs to take place every time for it to be effective.

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The power of a partner

With internal teams doing all the heavy lifting, your migration could take months longer than needed. A robust plan can go some of the way in mitigating time pressures and skills gaps, but having an experienced Atlassian Solution Partner by your side can make the world of difference. With our award-winning help (sorry, we had to get that in there!), your migration might take half the time.

Want to know more about Atlassian cloud migration and how to make it work for your organisation?

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