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July 02, 2019

Launching Execution History in ScriptRunner for Jira Server and Data Center

Sophie Conner 2 minute read

Have you noticed your Jira is slowing down, or your scripts have started to fail but you’re not sure why? 

If this happens, you may have tried to look into details about the previous executions, only to realise there is only information regarding the last fifteen iterations for each script, including how long it took, the payload, and whether it failed or not. 

Although useful, this information hasn’t given you a clear insight into the long-term trend analysis. Maybe your Jira instance is gradually slowing as it’s processing more data, or you’ve implemented a newer script that has caused Jira to suddenly slow down, fail, or even speed up. Trying to fix the problem when you don’t have the data can be both frustrating and time-consuming. 

That’s why we’ve introduced execution speed and failure rates going back up to two years. While it isn’t an instant fix as it can’t retroactively provide insights, it will become a vital resource as it accumulates data and allows to overcome everyday challenges with informed solutions. 

How does this help Data Center users?

In your Data Center instance, the new feature allows you to switch between nodes in order to track the processing time and failure/success rates of each node. For example, the graph may show you there’s more failures at certain times of the day on one of your nodes. This gives you more information into what could be going wrong and if it’s linked to a slower instance. 

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At Adaptavist, we are always looking to improve and expand the usability of ScriptRunner for Jira, to give you the best user experience possible. We hope the new history and reporting features will help you get the most out of ScriptRunner.

Find out more about ScriptRunner for Jira on our Atlassian Marketplace Listing and start your free 30-day trial, today. 


Sophie Conner Product Marketing Associate