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The leading tool for Jira configuration management; import Jira projects, import Jira project configuration and migrate Jira Service Desks.

Project Configurator provides full Jira migration support and automates the time-consuming task of merging complex Jira instances. Configure changes from one Jira instance to another or from a staging environment into production. Comprehensive tools for filters, dashboards, and Agile boards.


Integrate disparate projects into one Jira instance in just a few clicks

A group of projects can be moved in a single operation, this includes issues, attachments, configurations, associated filters, dashboards, and Scrum or Kanban boards. Export Jira projects before easily importing into a second Jira instance.

Simulate Jira migration outcomes for planning and peace of mind

Preview configuration changes that will be applied to the target instance to assess the impact of any change. View coincident objects in the existing and new configurations, identifying potential errors, and targets before you migrate Jira projects or configuration.

Fig: PC's Simulated Import - Expand or collapse the tree to view more or less information.

Promote configuration changes from staging into production

Stop double handling - avoid having to manually update all configuration changes in your Jira staging environment as well as your production instance. Easily export Jira configuration from staging before promoting these changes with Project Configurator to your production instance. See this step-by-step video demo of this process in action.


Recreate Jira Service Desk projects and configurations

Import your Jira Service Desk projects or only their configurations into new servers. Removing the need to manually recreate projects, saving you time and effort.


  • Transparently handle drafts during imports for workflows or schemes
  • Full migration of configuration objects (such as custom fields, groups, screens, statuses and roles within workflows)
  • Support for Agile boards, dashboards, and filters
  • Allows Jira admins to specify export requirements
  • Smart Custom Field Contexts can limit the impact of new custom field configurations to the imported projects
  • Automatically handles global objects used by a project (such as schemes and fields).

Common use cases 

  • Test updates on your staging environment and then easily push them into production
  • Merge two disparate development teams into one instance with a fraction of the effort 
  • Split development teams into smaller teams by seamlessly moving from one massive Jira instance into two smaller ones
  • Enforce best practices by project admins in the staging instance and send changes to the system administrator for approval before applying them to production.