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Test Management for Jira reporting using eazyBI

Cristiano Caetano
5 February 18 Jira
Test Management for Jira reporting using eazyBI
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Test Management for Jira reporting using eazyBI

Test Management for Jira is a full featured test management solution, helping you to coordinate all testing activities including test planning, authoring, execution, tracking, and reporting.

Recently, we released an integration with eazyBI, a powerful business intelligence tool with rich reporting features for Jira.

This excerpt taken from a post by easyBI, talks about why you might need custom test management reports. 

Testing management tools are perfectly suited to perform daily tasks such as creating manual and automatic test cases, managing test steps and expected results, planning test runs, recording test execution results, reporting bugs from tests and tracing them back to the cause, or linking tests to requirements. Most test management add-ons also have their own built-in reports. Those reports are good for a general information overview such as a list of assigned tests, progress and status of a particular test cycle, a list of tests assigned for release (version), and so on. This is often enough to get your job done, but there is much more you could do with your data.

Very often testing is the last stage of the development cycle—right before delivery. At that point, there are many questions regarding the progress of the project, coming from testing managers, development managers, project managers, and stakeholders. For example:

  • Is a particular feature completed—developed, tested, and debugged?
  • Can we release a version to our customers?
  • What is included in the next planned release?
  • How much time does it take to test new features in pre-production environment?
  • Is the new version of product better than the previous?
  • Are our automated tests working/performing?

When trying to answer these questions, you need clear data; a general overview will not suffice. Eventually you’ll need something more powerful.

 Data analysis is a complex process. eazyBI can provide the missing context and give you tools to look at your data from many different perspectives. You can create custom reports based on your test management data to highlight trends and quickly identify and locate testing issues, bugs, or possible improvements and threats.

Example: Test Case Results Over Time

Screen Shot 2018 02 05 at 12.29.16

To read more about the integration with detailed reporting examples and a step-by-step guide to setting up the integration  - visit the original post. 

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