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Test Management for Jira 4.3: new features driven by user feedback

17 July 17 Jira
Test Management for Jira 4.3: new features driven by user feedback
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Test Management for Jira 4.3: new features driven by user feedback

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We're always keen to learn how our customers use Test Management for Jira. The latest release, version 4.3, contains two major new features and a number of improvements driven by customer feedback. We're committed to give you what you need and make our product the stuff of test management dreams. So here's what we've been able to do for you this time.

Test case versioning gives you more clarity

You can now add versions to test cases within Jira. When there are updates to the features a test needs to cover, you can now associate a version to your test case to make that clear. You can also compare versions, see the history of changes by version, and report on multiple versions of the same test case. That means you can manage the results of testing on all versions of an application with a single test case rather than having to clone the test case for each supported version.

1 Test case versioning implemented 700x525

This feature has been requested by many of you and closes 16 improvement tickets.

Now you can define test data parameters

Another new feature in this release is the option to define data parameters in the steps of a test case. So, for example, you can take the parameters of <<Username>> and <<Password>> and assign a number of values to be used in a list. Then, when a tester begins to execute the test they are assigned one or more of the values from the list to use in their iteration of the test execution.

2 define test data parameters 700x525

We know this will save you time and additionally it allows for more complex testing data without duplication of effort or information. Having data parameters also enables a keyword-driven testing approach if that appeals to your testing preferences and workflows.

New report adds granularity for regulated industries

We have added a new report - Test Results (Detailed) - based on feedback. It reports on test results at the step level, providing more granularity to help teams working in regulated environments where compliance is essential.

3 New report adds granularity for regulated industries 700x525

We really can't thank you enough for letting us know what you think and what you need. Test Management for Jira is driven by user feedback. Your contributions via our support channels demonstrate what the most important features are so that we can align our overall development strategy appropriately. Our cycle of continuous improvement with monthly releases enables us to deliver the best value to you and gives you the power to shape the future of Test Management for Jira.

Watch Cristiano and Vitor, Adaptavist Test Management's founders, discuss the importance of user feedback and how it's integrated into the development of the product.

If you're not already using Adaptavist Test Management for Jira in your team, try it free today.

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