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How to get started working in Jira Software

Hugh Davey
17 December 19 Jira
How to get started working in Jira Software
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How to get started working in Jira Software

Jira Software is an application of Jira with features that focus on software development, providing a drag-and-drop interface for working with your Jira issues. No matter what type of work your team does, this visual interface makes it a lot easier to see what work is in progress and who is doing what.

Boards make up a big part of Jira Software, and they allow you to have a visual placement of your team's issues with organisation options to make it easy to work with those issues, in the form of cards, on a software board. 

To get you started, here is our How-To guide to get you up and running with Jira Software boards, including the differences between kanban and scrum boards, how to identify and write stories for your boards, and how to create them.

How to use a Jira Software board

There are two main boards you use in Jira: a scrum board and a kanban board. There are a lot of similarities in how these two boards work, so in this video we'll walk you through the navigation of a board and how to use a board to transition issues and interact with cards

How to identify and write stories in Jira Software

Stories make up your work in Jira Software, but how do you write them? What makes a good story? In this video, we cover the basics of what a story is. We also discuss identifying stories, writing stories, and reviewing stories.

How to create stories in Jira Software

Once you decide on your requirements and develop your stories, you can create them in Jira or, use Confluence for everything and create them there! In this section, we cover creating issues in Confluence and Jira looking at both scrum and kanban projects.

Feeling more confident in using Jira? Feel ready to start exploring some of its features on your own? 

Get expert training to help your organisation get the most from Atlassian Jira

Now you've got the basics of how to write and create stories, put what you have learned into practice and take your Jira up a level.

Want to level up your Jira for beginners skills to do even more? We also do live training! 

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