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Delivering award-winning experiences on Atlassian Cloud

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During Atlassian's recent Team '24 event in Las Vegas, The Adaptavist Group received some great news: we won the Atlassian Partner of the Year 2023: Cloud Solutions award! This award reflects our ongoing commitment to Atlassian Cloud, helping our customers reap the great benefits that the cloud provides. In fact, this isn't the first time we've won an award for our cloud expertise; this award is our fourth consecutive cloud-related Atlassian Partner of the Year award. From Cloud Migration Services in 2020, Cloud Experience in 2021, to Migration Ready Apps and Cloud Migration Services again in 2022, our variety of cloud solution offerings is cemented with this new Cloud Solutions award this year. 

Our expertise

As experts in cloud technology across The Adaptavist Group, we deliver a range of cloud products and solutions to help you get the most value out of your tools. We know that migration is just one tiny piece of the puzzle, and the way you prepare your move and set up your tools for the future is incredibly important. That's why we offer a full range of cloud solutions, from licensing and migration discovery to training and software administration services. It's not only about getting you to the cloud, but ensuring your business gets the most value, in cost savings, delivery and innovation speed, agility, and teamwork collaboration. 

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"This award is a testament to all the work we've put into creating cloud solutions that unlock the value customers can create with Atlassian products. 
"We're here to make it easier for customers to move to the cloud, giving them peace of mind that we are on this journey with them—and you'll be so much better off on the other side.
"It's not just migrating but also assisting—helping users with admin and insight on new features, making sure people understand there's so much more in the cloud to take advantage of."
Photo of Jarin McClinton
Jarin McClinton
Global Head of Professional Services, Adaptavist

Migrate with confidence

Are you thinking about migrating to Atlassian Cloud? If you're currently using the Server or Data Center versions of Atlassian tools, you're missing out on hundreds of AI and automation features offered across Atlassian's range of cloud products. With Atlassian's cloud-first approach, product ranges such as Jira—the combination of Jira Software and Jira Work Management—Atlassian Intelligence and Loom are only available for cloud users. 

Of course, moving to a new tool, even just switching deployment methods, can be daunting. With a different look and feel to your previous set-up and even more features available, it's important to get off to the right start so your users feel comfortable from the beginning. Consider your business requirements beforehand and how Atlassian tools can help your teams meet their goals, and the wider organisation's objectives. 

A value-focused migration strategy

With clear goals in mind, you can take a step back and review your current toolset and data. What can be removed and cleaned up? What is essential that your teams can't do without? By conducting a full analysis of your app and tool usage, your data that can be archived vs kept, and your ways of working, you can start to build a picture of what your migration plan may include. During this stage, our migration discovery will look at all of the above, plus much more, to develop an understanding of the complexity and potential challenges with your migration. Getting this outside view of your set-up can be beneficial to spot cost-saving opportunities, identify hurdles before they happen, and ensure you are following experienced, best-practice-focused advice. 

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The journey to Atlassian Cloud with Adaptavist: our playbook to cloud migration success

This playbook explores the key stages involved in migrating to Atlassian Cloud and what you'll need to consider along the way.

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More than migration

We work with your organisation to identify the best licences, tool configurations, apps and integrations, and much more to ensure your software works for your users and business for the best price. Our years of experience across complex and unique organisation setups, allow us to draw on previous use cases and best practices to find solutions that are tailored to your needs. 

Ready to discuss moving to Atlassian Cloud? Or already on the cloud and want to make the most of your tools? We can help. Get in touch with our award-winning Atlassian Cloud experts today! 

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