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A look to the future: Atlassian's announcements at Team '24

Atlassian founder and Co-CEO, Mike Cannon-Brookes onstage at 'Team 24

It's that time of year again when The Adaptavist Group descends on Las Vegas for Atlassian's flagship event, Team ‘24. As always, Atlassian shared some exciting new announcements. Whether you’re attending in person or joining digitally, here’s a summary of this week's major announcements. 

But first, did you know that over the last year Atlassian launched over 1000 new features last year? And Atlassian Cloud received an update every 5-6 minutes, highlighting Atlassian’s commitment to rapid innovation.

So, on with the announcements. Let's start with product news.

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Atlassian founder and Co-CEO, Mike Cannon-Brookes onstage at 'Team 24

A new era for Jira

One big piece of product news announced at Team '24 is that Jira Work Management (JWM) is being combined with Jira Software (cloud only) to form a single project management tool, simply called Jira. Jira is now for all teams and focuses on business objectives and goals across the organisation. 

Atlassian unveiled a unified search feature across all its platforms, streamlining user workflows by enabling a single query search across its suite. This enhancement simplifies access to information, boosting efficiency and user experience by seamlessly connecting data across its ecosystem. 

So, what does this mean in practice? Customers with Jira Software will benefit from additional features, and those with JWM Cloud will need to move to Jira Cloud. JWM on-premise will not change. If you're already a customer of any of these tools and need some advice on the changes, we can help

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Anu Bharadwaj from Atlassian onstage at Team '24 announcing new Jira

Introducing Rovo

In other exciting product news, Atlassian announced its new generative artificial intelligence product, Rovo. Revolutionise knowledge discovery and identify the right information quickly and effectively for all your teams. Rova brings the unified search to all Atlassian products and other third-party tools (with an API to be available). 

So, what does that mean for your teams? Well, Atlassian found that Rovo saves engineers 1-2 hours per week in information discovery.

The power of the teamwork graph allows real-time information to be pulled to answer questions from across your tools. The chat allows you to ask follow-up questions and search deeper for information, learning as you go. 

Rovo Agents provide specialised agents to help you meet your goals. For example, the Commscrafter agent helps you keep all your content on brand.

Out of the box, Rovo comes with 20+ agents, which you can build yourself or purchase from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Customers who want a piece of the action can join the waitlist – speak to us! 

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More AI news

Of course, there have been additional advancements in AI, promising to enhance functionality across various tools. Atlassian is integrating AI across all its products, emphasising its focus on leveraging advanced technology to improve user experiences and functionality.

These include, but are certainly not limited to: 

  • Enhancements in writing, editing, and viewing content, from AI-generated concise content summaries to whiteboard suggestions, grouping, and splitting to issues with a single click. 
  • Using natural language to set automation rules
  • Visualise your data faster with additional AI features for Atlassian Insight
  • Maximising Jira Service Management's (JSM) capability to consolidate similar issues into a single alert for more efficient resolution.

Finally, we got a glimpse at the capabilities of the video tool Loom. With Loom, teams can collaborate better with video. Get automated transcripts and clean up across your videos, create personalised content with ease, and turn videos into action with Confluence pages and Jira issues created from your content. Say hello to tailored how-to guides and bug reporting, straight from video to Jira and Confluence. 

What an incredible set of announcements! That's just the start; 50+ new features, including 30+ new Atlassian Intelligence capabilities, were shared at Team '24.

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Want to know more?

For more information on any of these announcements, contact our expert team. We would be happy to discuss what they mean to you and answer any questions about what you've seen and heard at Team '24.

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