Adaptavist Consult

Professional services to get you the most from your Atlassian investment

Adaptavist is Atlassian’s longest-serving premier global solution partner. We deliver consultancy around the strategy, architecture, and practical application of all aspects of the Atlassian stack – with particular expertise in navigating the complex environments of enterprises and larger organisations.

We partner closely with our clients to conceptualise and deliver their vision, and then often continue to manage and operate their systems as needs evolve over the long term.

Adaptavist Consult key offerings

Below are some of the most common ways we solve client problems. What's your challenge? Send us a note.

Transformation and Complete Application Lifecycle Management (CALM)

Modernise the way you get work done (learn more)

Companies realise the full power of the Atlassian stack when they transform the culture and processes of their organisation to fully integrate modern development practices. This is where Atlassian tools can deliver real businesses value in terms of agility and efficiency.

Adaptavist helps organisations revamp their legacy systems and operations to take full advantage of this modernised approach. We've enabled all kinds of organisations to do this by using our holistic CALM methodology – learn more.

Scaled Agile Framework for enterprise (SAFe®) implementation

Agile teams demand an agile approach to enterprise planning (learn more)

In large organisations that rely on dozens or even hundreds of development teams practicing agile and scrum, SAFe® can be a game changer. It offers a framework with which leadership teams can plan, communicate, and allocate resources in a strategic way that matches business goals – without taking crucial flexibility away from agile teams. Adaptavist's flexible, needs-focussed approach is the gold standard for best practice SAFe implementation with Atlassian tools.

Performance and scalability

Manage your growing demand

If Atlassian software is mission-critical to your organisation, downtime and poor performance simply aren't acceptable.

Adaptavist's reputation for investigating, diagnosing, fixing, and tuning Atlassian tools is second-to-none. We're able to deliver the best application performance for our clients through a unique combination of expertise, experience, approach, and diagnostic processes.

Maximise your investment and optimise your Atlassian stack with help from Adaptavist.

DevOps implementation

Ship faster when your development and IT teams work in harmony

DevOps is about people, processes, and tools. It fails without all three, but the importance lies in that order. Adaptavist's approach, providing training and putting workflow structure in place before bringing in automation with the Atlassian stack, has a proven track record of helping organisations get the most from DevOps.

Done right, DevOps enables an environment of trust, collaboration, agility, and efficiency that helps teams release work faster and respond better to change.

Configuration and best practice

Get the most out of your Atlassian tools

Do you have layer upon layer of confusing Jira workflows? Can't find important Confluence pages from a paused project? Did last night's commit to Bitbucket break the build?

Years of experience have taught us that one-size solutions do not fit all. Adaptavist has extensive know-how in helping organisations make Atlassian tools work for their individual needs. We can advise you on which best practices to apply to your company or team, as well as how to implement and tune them for your own unique challenges.

Atlassian app development

The possibilities are endless

Sometimes your specific business requirement can't be solved out-of-the-box by the standard Atlassian toolset.

Adaptavist is known for developing some of the most innovative and popular apps in the Atlassian ecosystem. We can create custom apps or even extend third party app capabilities to add the functionality your teams require.

Migration and integration

Consolidate and simplify with the Atlassian stack

Adaptavist has successfully completed hundreds of migrations, many of which involved considerable size and complexity. No matter how many issues, users, projects, spaces, repositories, configuration settings, integration points, or third-party tools are involved, we have the experience and robust processes needed to deliver a successful migration.

Whether you've outgrown your server instance, have multiple servers merging into a Data Center instance, are moving from Atlassian Cloud, are integrating or migrating with a third party tool, or want to integrate an acquired company, Adaptavist is the right partner to help you migrate smoothly.

Proof of concept

Verify the need for an Atlassian solution

Often our clients have an idea that they're not yet sure will work in practice, or are looking for a way to solve a very specific business problem.

Adaptavist Consult can help you define the problem, propose a solution, and then build a trial system to demonstrate its effectiveness for your business need. You can use this environment to validate your concept before making the big decision to fully invest in the Atlassian toolset with a production solution.

Version upgrades

Moving your organisation to the latest Atlassian software

Keeping current with Atlassian's releases can be a challenge. The complexity of most installation environments along with the need to manage multiple add-on apps can significantly increase the overhead. Yet staying up to date with compatibility and taking advantage of Atlassian's enhancements are vital considerations as well.

You can minimise your risk and downtime by letting Adaptavist plan and execute your upgrades. Our team has a wealth of experience in providing upgrade services across the entire Atlassian Stack. We have particular skills in upgrading complex, large-scale estates where there are multiple apps and customisations.

Flexible, tailored services

Need to incorporate tools from outside the Atlassian Stack? Want to move your marketing or finance teams to Atlassian? Looking for integrations that aren't available in the Marketplace?

Due to our vast experience with clients of all sizes, all across the globe, Adaptavist Consult is uniquely positioned to tailor solutions to the demands of your business. Does your HR department want to use Jira to help on-board new staff? We’ve been there and done that. Does your engineering team want to automate dependency diagrams for SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework)? Yep, we’ve done that too. We love a challenge. Try us.