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Stitch It BETA 
by Adaptavist

A central hub for all your Atlassian integrations

Welcome to the Beta programme for Adaptavist's Atlassian integration tool: Stitch It. Our new app lets you easily integrate your business processes across multiple Atlassian and third-party systems. Interested? See it for yourself by taking part in our closed Beta.

One consolidated hub
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The solution to all your Atlassian integration challenges

Go beyond point-and-click tools without advanced development skills.

Stitch It's assisted coding environment and connectors provide the flexibility to script all your Atlassian-to-Atlassian and Atlassian to third-party integrations in one place. You no longer need a range of unique tools for all your different integrations!

Stitch It Atlassian integration
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Solve any use case through code, and integrate Atlassian tools with any app.

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Concentrate on building solutions through an assisted and easy-to-use coding environment.

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The only app you'll ever need for your current and future end-to-end Atlassian integrations.

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Brought to you by Atlassian leader and creator of ScriptRunner, Adaptavist.

Stitch It Beta Community

When you join our Beta programme, you will also be invited to the Stitch It Slack Community—a place for members to help shape the future of our app. Come discuss your integration challenges, provide suggestions for improvement, and benefit from exclusive technical support.

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An integration solution for System Admins and Atlassian Consultants

Are you facing the challenge of integrating processes across your systems landscape, while having no time to learn and maintain a set of distinct integration solutions to stitch everything together?

Stitch It closes that gap, letting you build powerful integrations quickly, without the costs, learning and implementation time of Enterprise solutions or single-purpose integration tools.

Code-based and easy to use
Less complexity
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Integration is easier with Stitch It

Our app is designed to make things easy for you. A growing collection of connectors lets you effortlessly add apps to your integration, while the code editor helps you discover and use APIs through code suggestions and autocomplete. You can also get started with a library of templates and examples. And if you get stuck, you're safe knowing you can rely on Adaptavist's class-leading friendly support team.

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