Do you have any technical questions about using ScriptRunner for Bitbucket? Check out this session for a feature-by-feature dive into the product and a live Q&A.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of innovation, but doing it in isolation presents many challenges. It’s never been more important to bring together the right technology, processes and culture at every level. But how do we adapt the way teams work together remotely? 

Is the lack of structure in your Confluence instance giving you nightmares? Is stale content slowing things down and making it hard to navigate? Or are you wasting time on repetitive maintenance tasks? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions then this webinar is for you.

Ask your ScriptRunner questions to our expert panel and get the most out of your Adaptavist and Atlassian solutions.

Leading global chip designer Arm will share their path to bring 10,000 users from Atlassian Data Center to Cloud, including what influenced their strategy, and obstacles and victories encountered along the way. A live Q and A will follow with project leads from Arm and Adaptavist.

Join Adaptavist Senior Digital Transformation Consultant John Turley as he discusses what an agile mindset is and how it works to enable collaboration and innovation. John will conclude with some practical ways that you and your team can adopt this powerful framework for thinking.

Ask your questions to our expert panel and get the most out of your Adaptavist and Atlassian solutions.

Join our experts from Slack and Adaptavist and learn essential DevOps principles that get quality software delivered quickly, and explore how Slack and Atlassian work together.

Making the move to Atlassian Data Center can be challenging. This webinar will share best practices, expert technical insights, and a proven blueprint for ensuring your Data Center migration is stress-free.

Watch a recording of our Groovy scripting session where Jonny Carter codes a step-by-step solution for parsing irregular data and finding affected issues by combining Groovy, scripted fields and JQL. 

In this webinar, we will introduce you to a selection of the new Tempo Scripts in Adapavist Library and give you a real-life use case example.

SAFe® implementations can present big challenges, requiring shifts in culture, ways of working, and software tools. This webinar will shed light on all three, with added focus on using Atlassian Jira as an ideal tooling platform.