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Webinar: Lean portfolio management masterclass

Join us for an insightful journey as we explore the transformation from traditional legacy systems to the cutting-edge Lean Portfolio Management approach with Jira Align.

In this event we cover:

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    The critical role of adaptive and efficient portfolio management in the rapidly evolving business landscape.

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    Practical strategies and real-world case studies on successfully bridging the gap between legacy systems and lean practices, including overcoming common hurdles.

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    Actionable steps, practical implementation tips, and best practices to unlock the full potential of Lean Portfolio Management.

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Learn how to sync your portfolio, your strategy, and your team

Want to master Lean Portfolio Management as part of your agile transformation? Our agile expert, Tina Behers, can help you do just that. Discover key insights, practical strategies, and a vision for unlocking unprecedented agility and innovation in your portfolio practices in this webinar.

Align your people, processes, and technology

Are you in pursuit of enhancing your speed to market, fostering a thriving company culture, boosting collaboration, elevating product quality, and fueling your capacity to innovate? Look no further, for you have arrived at the perfect destination. At Adaptavist, we offer you the gateway to unlock comprehensive improvements across all of these areas and beyond. Get ready to embark on a transformative adventure that will revolutionize your business from within. The possibilities are boundless, and the rewards are within your grasp.

Learn more about strategic portfolio vs project portfolio management in our blog: Bridging the gap.

Event hosts and guests:

Tina Behers, VP Enterprise Agility, Aligned Agility (part of The Adaptavist Group)

Tina Behers, VP Enterprise Agility, Aligned Agility (part of The Adaptavist Group)

Tina is a Lean-Agile Transformation Professional and an accomplished Business Leader with a proven ability to create and execute value successfully. Over 20 years of experience in leading organisational improvement initiatives with a strong focus on delivery and business alignment. Her expertise in delivering exceptional value, leading complex high-value technology, and business process improvement initiatives as a trusted advisor are proven in how she provides the right balance of consulting and hands-on practical expertise.