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Webinar: Achieving peak productivity with GitLab and Jira (Demo)

Watch this webinar, with demos included, to learn how two best-of-breed products, GitLab and Jira, can work in synergy to maximise your organisation's productivity.

In this event we cover:

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    A demo of the powerful integration between Jira's planning and GitLab's DevSecOps capabilities and how it covers the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC).

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    An overview of how GitLab and Jira can work together to maximise your organisation's productivity.

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    A demo of GitLab's new AI features in GitLab Duo and how to use them to plan work in GitLab.

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    Your questions answered in our Q&A segment.

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Unleash productivity with the combined force of GitLab & Jira

GitLab and Jira are two best-of-breed tools that excel at what they do, but are you making the most of their potential?

This one-hour webinar shows you how to maximise your organisation's productivity by integrating GitLab and Jira. We explore the powerful combination of Jira's planning and GitLab's DevSecOps capabilities and discover how the two tools can complement each other. We demonstrate how you can cover the entire SDLC of an application and go from idea to production as fast as possible, all while staying secure and compliant. Plus, we demonstrate GitLab's new AI features in GitLab Duo and show you how they can make planning work in GitLab a breeze.

Want to learn more about how GitLab-Jira integration works?

By integrating GitLab and Jira, you can unlock new possibilities and increase productivity in your organisation. From custom demos to help find the right plan, our experts are here to help.

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Adaptavist & GitLab: empowering digital transformation

Adaptavist's partnership with GitLab is a force to be reckoned with – and here's why. GitLab is one of our strategic partners, meaning we can leverage our capabilities to offer enhanced services and solutions. However, our alliance goes beyond mere collaboration.

As a proud member of the GitLab Select Channel partner network, we've taken a step further by achieving the Professional Services Certified Partner status in their Channel Services Program.

We know that accolades aren't everything, but our accreditations strengthen our ability to help organizations achieve their DevOps goals. Our objective is to deliver significant value to our customers, and our accreditations enhance our ability to do just that.

Together with GitLab, we deliver timely and efficient DevOps solutions that are continuously evolving and relevant. Our solutions span consulting and assessments, implementations, integrations, migrations, and training.

To explore more on our combined offerings and the power of our partnership, click here.

Event hosts and guests:

Val Naipaul

Val Naipaul

Principal DevOps Consultant, Adaptavist

Val Naipaul works in the Professional Services group at Adaptavist as a Principal DevOps Consultant based in Toronto, Canada. Val enjoys working with colleagues across The Adaptavist Group, with our diverse stories and perspectives, applying DevOps thinking to real-world problems, developing our DevOps practice, and sharing ideas and experiences with clients and partners.

Péter Bozso

Péter Bozso

Péter is a Channel Solution Architect at GitLab. He is coming from a software engineering background and spent the last 6 years consulting customers about software development technologies all around the EMEA region. Because of this, his DevOps expertise is more on the Dev side of the formula: application development, code quality, testing, pipeline automation.