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Video series: ScriptRunner for Confluence Data Center or Server intermediate users

Take your Confluence management and administration to a new level with these videos, aimed at those who want to grow their confidence with ScriptRunner.

Two people build a Confluence page together

What you'll learn

These videos build on the learnings from the beginner series, taking a closer look now at some of the more powerful aspects of ScriptRunner for Confluence.

We'll cover lots of the technical foundational knowledge that you need to start creating or combining scripts, and bending Confluence to your will.

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    Groovy coding basics
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    Confluence API 101
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    How to work from examples
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    How to supercharge search

Not completed the beginner series yet?

Go back and check out what you missed: you might learn things you never knew you never knew...

3.1 Introduction to Groovy basics (5:07)

Groovy is a dynamic Java-based scripting language you can use within ScriptRunner for Confluence to facilitate ultra-bespoke customisation and automation. Take a look at the basics in this short video!

3.2 Introduction to the Confluence Java API (4:32)

ScriptRunner uses Atlassian's Java API to interact with Confluence. Getting a basic understanding of this API will help when writing custom scripts or modifying existing scripts: this video has you covered.

3.3 Quick and easy custom scripts (8:29)

This is where things start to get really interesting. In this module, we look at how to combine different scripts to modify them into something new, plus creating something from scratch.

4.1 Introduction to advanced Space functionality (4:14)

Take a tour of the advanced functionality available to Space Administrators, including a selection of built-in (i.e. no-code) scripts to help them manage users and content on your behalf.

4.2 Advanced search with Confluence Query Language (CQL) (3:19)

We looked at CQL briefly in the beginner series. Here's a closer look at how to create an advanced search query using CQL. The more specific you are, the better and more useful your search results will be, so this is a great skill to master.

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Use our Library of free scripts for both inspiration and to continue developing your Groovy knowledge!

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