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The Adaptavist Group invests in scaling ScriptRunner

The Adaptavist and ScriptRunner logos sit together

Change is at the core of Adaptavist. It’s what we help our customers achieve, around the world, every day. Our position as experts in agility and digital transformation is also – quite rightly – baked into our own organisation, and we have some exciting changes to announce.

Those who are paying very close attention may have already noticed references to The Adaptavist Group across our sites and social media, but we’ve been waiting for the right moment to make a formal introduction to the change and what it means for our customers.

The Adaptavist Group is a global family of companies that combine the best of teamwork, technology, and processes, helping all kinds of businesses to be better today and tomorrow. Each brand has the self-determination and agility to meet that goal their way, independently but also through collaboration with other brands under our umbrella. Our customers benefit from the focus and pace that comes with this approach, while simultaneously benefitting from the support of world-class colleagues across The Group whenever needed.

The Adaptavist Group website
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This reflects the way that we've been working for some time now. Several of our brands already operate under their own banners, such as Aligned Agility, Gravity Works, and Brew Digital. All that's different now is how we're formalising and investing deliberately in the autonomous, deeply collaborative spirit of The Adaptavist Group to help us continue to deliver on our mission. To that effect, we're delighted to announce an exciting new spin-out brand today.


With almost 40,000 installations, more than 60 talented, passionate team members across the world and some of the most avid fans we've ever seen in the Atlassian space, ScriptRunner was a natural fit to launch independently. We acquired the ScriptRunner for Jira app in 2014 and since then have created ScriptRunner products for Confluence, for Bitbucket, and beyond. ScriptRunner has grown with Atlassian, launching Cloud versions and has continued to blaze the trail in redefining what's possible for teams who rely on Atlassian tools.

ScriptRunner – in addition to being a household name for Jira administrators – is a critical part of The Adaptavist Group's strategic growth plans. To improve online journeys for ScriptRunner customers, we've invested in a new website which makes it easier to find inspiration and help (from day one to day 10,000). We've also appointed a dedicated General Manager for the brand, Russ Barr, to lead the ScriptRunner teams on their journey of renewed focus and accelerated innovation.

Russ has a background in technology and SaaS businesses and has been Managing Director of a number of software businesses over the last 10 years. On the launch of the ScriptRunner brand, he said: “Joining at this moment is hugely energising. The sense of possibility unfurling before the ScriptRunner teams has been palpable from my earliest meetings with them.”

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The ScriptRunner teams will continue to collaborate across The Adaptavist Group portfolio of brands, sharing expertise, infrastructure management and other key business functions to ensure consistency and stability of customer experience throughout. Nothing changes for customers in terms of seeking product support, or purchasing or renewing licences.

We hope that you are similarly excited by the news of The Adaptavist Group and the continued evolution of our brands. As an employer, we want to attract good people and let them do what they do best, in the interest of the customer, and Group allows us to do that, even better than ever.

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