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Create ScriptRunner automations & customisations faster than ever

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ScriptRunner can do anything: now you can too

Earlier this year, we invited you to imagine a world where you could deliver advanced Jira customisations fast; without needing to know Atlassian APIs intricately, without having a million reference tabs open, and without needing to be a Groovy master.

A world where you could accelerate your teams’ digital transformation, become a Jira hero, and say yes to your beleaguered colleagues’ cries for help, without investing hours that you don’t have to upskill.

Today, we’re inviting you to step into that world.

There’s a new way to leverage the awesome power of ScriptRunner for Jira Data Center and Server, and it can make your scripts up to 70% shorter. Find out more on the new ScriptRunner website.

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Jess Thompson

Jess Thompson

Jess is Brand, Communications and Content Team Lead for ScriptRunner