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Microscope | Power Audit for Jira Admins 
Available for Data Center

Microscope Pricing

Explore our pricing tiers and read our frequently asked questions below for answers related to upgrading plans, billing and more.

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Effective from 1 February 2024. All plans are billed on an annual basis.

Up to 999 users



1 to 99

187 USD

100 to 249

375 USD

250 to 499

675 USD

500 to 749

1,050 USD

750 to 999

1,350 USD

From 1,000 to 9,999 users



1,000 to 1,999

1,950 USD

2,000 to 2,499

2,100 USD

2,500 to 2,999

2,325 USD

3,000 to 3,999

2,550 USD

Over 10,000 users



10,000 to 10,999

3,825 USD

11,000 to 11,999

3,975 USD

12,000 to 12,999

4,200 USD

13,000 to 13,999

4,350 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Microscope operates on a per-seat pricing structure. We offer different tiers based on your company size, so you only pay for the number of licences you need.

  • A licence is needed for every person at your organisation using Microscope.

  • Yes, Microscope has a 30-day free trial. During your trial, you'll have full access to all of Microscope's features.

    When your trial finishes, you'll be billed based on the number of licences your organisation currently has in Microscope.

  • To start a free trial or purchase a Microscope licence for your organisation, please visit our Atlassian Marketplace listing and choose the "Buy Now" option.

  • All Microscope plans are billed on an annual basis.

  • If you add new licences to your account that takes you over the licence limit of your pricing tier, we’ll automatically update your account to the new pricing tier to match your new licence count. You’ll be billed at the cost of the new tier on a prorated basis, calculated based on the remaining time in your billing cycle.

    If you remove licences, the change will be applied at the start of your next billing cycle. We do not offer refunds for unused licences within a billing cycle.

  • You can manage or cancel your Microscope plan via the Atlassian marketplace app. If you need any assistance, please log a support ticket and our team will be happy to help.

  • All Microscope payments are billed in US Dollars.

  • All payments are handled by the Atlassian marketplace.