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Microscope | Power Audit for Jira Admins

Audit your Jira and get critical insight into a workflow, project and user data to help plan migrations, clean-ups and more with the award-winning Microscope

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Accelerate and optimise your Jira migration

Gain the insights you need to assess cost-saving opportunities, supporting your Cloud migration plans or any migration type. 

Effortlessly identify overlapping app functionalities, unused projects, or inactive users. Make informed decisions based on accurate and well-structured data to maintain a healthy Jira instance and minimise maintenance costs.

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Get an overview of your Jira in minutes

Avoid manual checks and error-prone alternatives for finding data about your instance. Quickly generate data reports with key configurations and apply filters to navigate to the most relevant information.

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Remove inactive users to save on licensing costs

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Refine unused projects to reduce migration efforts

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Keep only the workflows that matter

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Custom fields

Learn how many custom fields were created by apps

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See enabled apps and their version numbers

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View the number of attachments and their collective size


Microscope's pricing is changing on 1 February 2024. For all information on the new pricing plan, please click the link below to visit the pricing page.