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Video course: ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud for Intermediate Users

Almost anything is possible with ScriptRunner; are you ready to level up your knowledge?

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What you'll learn

In just 21 minutes, this course introduces the most powerful user-driven features of ScriptRunner and aims to give users the core information and skills they need to start taking advantage of ScriptRunner's customisation and automation potential. Just some of what we'll cover is listed to the right.

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    Walkthrough of modifying existing scripts and combining scripts
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    The essentials of the Jira REST API and how to use it
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    The two languages you will use to control and customise Jira
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    Best practice approaches to automation and customisation with ScriptRunner

1. Introduction to Jira Expressions (5:25)

Jira Expressions is a domain-specific language designed by Atlassian that allows users to write custom conditions that evaluate to true. ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud uses this language for transition customisations, such as validators, conditions, and script listener conditions. This module teaches you what you need to get started.

2. Introduction to REST API (2:33)

In this module, we review what REST API is and how it's used in ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud. An understanding of this helps you to map possibilities in Jira against your business processes, thanks to ScriptRunner's API access.

3. Introduction to Groovy (7:15)

ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud allows users to create custom scripts by using the Groovy language. This module introduces the language and its syntax in preparation for modifying and creating scripts.

4. Modifying Existing Scripts

In addition to building scripts from scratch, you can use ScriptRunner to modify existing scripts that have been copied to the code boxes or automatically populated from snippets within the app. In this module, we'll review how to modify scripts and some best practices to follow when altering and testing those scripts.

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