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Forrester report: Unlocking The Value Of Open Collaboration To Drive Enterprise Agility

What is holding companies back from open effective collaboration? How can an open culture be created that enables organisations to deliver more effective and consistent information sharing, communications, and teamwork?

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How are high-performing teams driving open collaboration to drive enterprise agility?

Open collaboration drives success throughout an enterprise. Most decision-makers view collaboration in software development as increasingly important. While many firms collaborate somewhat effectively within their own departments, most lack consistency and connection with outside groups.

Key Findings:

As global teams increasingly move to remote or hybrid work environments, they further fuel the collaboration imperative. Adoption of five basic tenets can help harmonise technology, process, and people, creating an open culture that enables organizations to deliver more effective and consistent information sharing, communications, and teamwork.

  • 73% of decision-makers said interdepartmental collaboration is more important now than it was three years ago.
  • 54% of respondents said information flows freely between teams and departments through technology at their organisations.
  • 41% of respondents considered better collaboration a top priority.

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Download the full Forrester report

Download the full Forrester report