Adaptavist Assist

Expert application administration that works for you

Atlassian administrators who standardise processes and apply best practices ensure your systems are scalable, and help keep them performing at their best. This means happier users, teams that run more smoothly, and projects that charge ahead.

Adaptavist Assist puts the expertise of the world’s leading Atlassian partner to work as your application administrator – simply and cost-effectively.

Free up internal resources

Dramatically reduce, or even eliminate the demand for in-house administrators.

Get more from your investment

The depth of Adaptavist’s experience means more power at your disposal than any single on-staff administrator can provide.

Trust in a worthy partner

Rely on best practice approaches, implemented with the deepest consulting expertise in the Atlassian world.

Get service that’s tailored to you

From huge enterprises to lean startups, Assist delivers services that are scaled to fit your organisation’s needs.

Assist makes Confluence and Jira application admin painless

  • Uniquely based on SLA fair use policies, not on hourly rates
  • Jira Query Language and simple ScriptRunner script authoring
  • Configuring of workflows, schemes and fields to assure consistency and scalability
  • Responding to performance feedback
  • Vetting and installation of Marketplace apps
  • Granting access to resources such as projects, spaces or repositories
  • Standing up development and test instances
  • Answering user “how to” questions as you expand your own working knowledge
  • Delivering simple pricing based on production user tier and application counts