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Slack Community Event #6 - Slack for Enterprise Service Management

Watch our recent Slack Community event, now available on-demand.

Slack for Enterprise Service Management

Watch our latest Slack Community Event talk on-demand.

In this session hosted by our in-house Slack expert, Thomas Boudier, Riz Hasan (Managing Consultant & Team Lead at Adaptavist) and Saurabh Sinha (Customer Success Manager at Harmonize) join Thomas to talk all things Slack!

Our panel look at ways to power up your ITSM and ESM solutions with Slack and Slack apps, answer questions from our Slack Community member and give away some Slack goodies at the end!

This session looks specifically at:

  • Introduction to ITSM and ESM: Riz gives an introduction to ITSM and ESM and why you want this for your team!
  • A hybrid work playbook for Slack: Saurabh's talk will help you set up coordination of availabilities, desk booking, scheduling, flexible time off and other related aspects right inside Slack.
  • Ways to cater to ESM in Slack with conversational ticketing: Thomas showcases a few apps developed by ITSM and ESM market leaders and how they integrate with Slack for a seamless employee and customer experience.

Contact us

For any questions, please feel free to reach out to Thomas on LinkedIn or get in touch with one of our expert speakers, Riz Hasan and Saurabh Sinha.

Event hosts and guests:

Thomas Boudier

Thomas Boudier

Thomas is the Technical Product Marketing Manager for all things Slack and Trello. He enjoys cycling in and around London to catch some sunlight whenever possible and thinking about the meaning of life. 🚴

Saurabh Sinha

Saurabh Sinha

Saurabh is a Customer Success Manager at Harmonize, where he works with clients to understand and help them overcome their work from home or hybrid work challenges. Outside of work, Saurabh enjoys playing sports with his favourites being badminton, tennis and sqaush.

Riz Hasan

Riz Hasan

Riz is a Managing Consultant and Team Lead at Adaptavist. Riz and his team work directly with customers day-to-day to help them solve their business challenges, helping organisations of all sizes look at their tools, processes and finding ways to help them develop better experiences for themselves and their customers.