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Innovative approaches to enhanced Jira customisation

In this webinar, we show you how to overcome Jira’s customisation limitations using Hierarchy for Jira, helping you structure Jira the way you want.

In this event we cover:

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    Building the ideal issue hierarchies for your projects.

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    Getting a holistic, big-picture view of your project.

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    How to give your external stakeholders more visibility with custom reports.

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Breaking barriers, building solutions

Have you ever used Jira and thought, ‘I wish I could break out from the default 3-level issue types to better visualise my projects'? Are you looking for a simple way to view multiple projects and compare overall progress across your entire business?

Don't worry. Your Jira friends at Adaptavist are here to help.

In this webinar, we show you how to fully optimise your workflows using Hierarchy for Jira, including a panel discussion with our in-house Jira experts, Wilson Ong, Gary Fan and Rhys Diab.

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Event hosts and guests:

Gary Fan

Gary Fan

Engineering Team Lead
Gary is a highly skilled Engineering Team Lead with a proven track record of successfully managing the entire app development lifecycle. From initial planning and execution to deployment and maintenance, Gary consistently demonstrates his ability to prioritise tasks, manage resources efficiently, and meet project deadlines without compromising on high-quality standards.

Rhys Diab

Rhys Diab

Senior Software Engineer
Rhys is the innovative mind behind the creation of Hierarchy for Jira, having developed the app back in 2019. Since Adaptavist acquired the app, Rhys has been an integral part of the team as a talented software engineer. In addition to his profound understanding of market dynamics and user needs, Rhys brings an entrepreneurial mindset that is laser-focused on driving business growth and delivering exceptional customer value.

Wilson Ong

Wilson Ong

Product Marketing Manager
Wilson is the Product Marketing Manager for Hierarchy for Jira at Adaptavist. With a deep passion for being the voice of the customer and understanding market trends, he thrives on discovering new and innovative use cases for Hierarchy for Jira, empowering users and ensuring their success with our app.