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Why you might lose 35% of your workforce

Why you might lose 35% of your workforce

Equipped with fresh insights from our latest 2021: Digital Etiquette Report, we will uncover what's causing the Great Digital Disconnect... and how we can overcome it. The future of work is now, but are you ready to embrace the intricacies of the hybrid workplace and how it affects your people?

In this event we cover:

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    Highlights from our 2021: Digital Etiquette Report surveying 4400+ global workers

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    Insights into the digital divide between managers and employees

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    Practical steps on retaining top-performing employees in your company

Uncovering the Great Resignation and Digital Disconnect

Join Cindy and Tom as they explore the experiences of employees and leaders through the pandemic and what this looks like translated into numbers.

  • 52% feel they measure productivity differently to their manager
  • 61% of people are looking for a hybrid blend of home and office-based working
  • 47% of people feel burnt out by their workload

We go through some practical steps leaders can take to retain their workforce and how Slack can help facilitate this.

"Leaders need to listen, communicate and learn from employees rather than implementing new processes, systems and ways of working that they think is best. Unsurprisingly people don't want to be told what to do, they want a choice."

Event hosts and guests:

Cindy Yip

Cindy Yip

Cindy is the Senior Marketing Manager for Slack and Trello Apps and Services. In her free time, she loves to explore and discover new culinary flavours. 🍲

Thomas Boudier

Thomas Boudier

Thomas is the Technical Product Marketing Manager for all things Slack and Trello. He enjoys cycling in and around London to catch some sunlight whenever possible and thinking about the meaning of life. 🚴