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Connecting your system landscape with Stitch It

Watch this webinar and Q&A where we introduce you to Stitch It* - the only Atlassian integration tool you'll ever need.

*Stitch It is now ScriptRunner Connect. Learn more at

In this event we cover:

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    How to build and manage your Atlassian integrations using Stitch It.

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    Use cases from Atlassian Community members solved live by our Stitch It team.

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    How you can get started and set up your first integration in as quick as five minutes. 

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    If you're struggling with a specific use case, share it with us when you register, and we'll solve it for you live! (Alternatively, we can run a one-to-one for you after the webinar, if you'd prefer).

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A smarter way to manage your Atlassian integrations

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed switching between tools for all your different integrations?

As an Atlassian consultant, you want to deliver the best solution for your clients without additional costs and complexities. As a software engineer, you want to work directly with APIs to build solutions to your precise specifications. For system admins, you'll want to implement integrations across your systems landscape quickly and easily.

So why is there no one single tool that allows you to achieve all of these goals?

The good news, there is! Meet Stitch It, our new solution for all your complex Atlassian integration needs. A new all-in-one, code-first Atlassian integration solution brought to you by the teams behind ScriptRunner. Finally, a tool that speaks your language!

Watch this webinar and Q&A where you'll see a hands-on demo from our Stitch It team, see questions from the attendees answered and their use cases solved by our experts. Get a guided tour on how to get started with your integrations journey using your new favourite app!

Event hosts and guests:

Erko Knoll

Erko Knoll

Engineering Lead
Erko is the Engineering Lead for Stitch It at Adaptavist. He is responsible for leading and working on developing the Stitch It app. With over 12 years of experience as a developer in enterprise companies, Erko has built plenty of integrations involving Atlassian tools. Erko is laser-focused on improving scripting and developer experience and is excited about exploring new Stitch It features.

Madeleine Vironda

Madeleine Vironda

Product Manager
Madeleine is the Product Manager for Stitch It at Adaptavist. She is responsible for identifying customer needs as well as planning and overseeing the execution of the product strategy. With over six years' product experience in the charity and consultancy sector, she is committed to making Stitch It the next go-to integration tool for those looking to consolidate their system landscape. Madeleine is enthusiastic about new Atlassian product releases, and working towards making Stitch It super intuitive and easy to use.

Bobby Bailey

Bobby Bailey

Customer Success Manager
Bobby is the Customer Success Manager for Stitch It at Adaptavist. Bobby is responsible for providing customers with an overview of the product and helping them feel confident when navigating Adaptavist tools. With previous background as a developer and supporting code-based tools, Bobby has experience helping customers resolve complicated issues with technical solutions. Bobby is motivated by great customer experience, fun demos and new technology.

Maria Barrios

Maria Barrios

Product Marketing Manager
Maria is the Product Marketing Manager for Stitch It at Adaptavist. She is responsible for shaping the development of Stitch It through customer and market insights. With over six years of marketing experience, Maria is curious about the ITSM space, and about new ways of growing product communities. She is driven by enabling customers to overcome their integration challenges.