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Learn how Aha! Roadmaps can support your agile transformation

Join expert consultants from Adaptavist and our partner, Aha! at this live fireside. Watch an Aha! Roadmaps demo and ask our experts anything about agile tooling and transformation.

26 May 3PM - 4PM UTC

In this event we cover:

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    How Aha! Roadmaps supports agile transformation as part of your tech stack, from reporting to ownership

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    How Aha! Roadmaps works with Jira and Confluence to connect all your agile teams

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    A live Aha! Roadmaps demo, with an agile team focus

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    Already installed Aha! Roadmaps and need some advice - ask away!

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Ask us how Aha! Roadmaps can support your agile transformation

Join us and our partner, Aha! at this live fireside chat on May 19th. Watch an Aha! Roadmaps demo, ask our experts anything and get key takeaways about how to make your project teams more agile when you include Aha! Roadmaps as part of your tech stack.

Event hosts and guests:

Meghan Kutz

Meghan Kutz

Senior Business Consultant
Meghan is a Senior Business Consultant at Adaptavist with over a decade of experience in project management, strategic partnerships, knowledge management, and information science. Meghan helps customers collect, access, and use information for swifter delivery, better communication, and tighter alignment to strategic goals.

Ryan Spilken

Ryan Spilken

Adaptavist Technical Evangelist
Ryan is the host of Adaptavist Live, The Atlassian Ecosystem Podcast, and has been a part of said ecosystem for seven years. When he’s not spreading the good word of Adaptavist, he’s a parent, songwriter, and kimchi fanatic.