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ScriptRunner for Jira Server

for Jira Server

Cloud Migration Assistant Roadmap

Cloud Migration Assistant Roadmap

Empowering you to seamlessly migrate to ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud via the Cloud Migration Assistant

Adaptavist is working with Atlassian to provide a largely automated Cloud migration path for existing ScriptRunner for Jira Server customers. This will be through Atlassian's Cloud Migration Assistant, making it a seamless experience within the Atlassian eco-system. We wanted to share a little bit about what we plan to do and our roadmap for getting there.

We've narrowed down the ScriptRunner for Jira Server features into two broad categories:

  1. Custom solutions - features where users can insert their custom scripts in order to create bespoke solutions (e.g. Custom Listeners)
  2. Built-in solutions - features provided by ScriptRunner that don't require custom scripts (e.g. Post Message to Slack Listener)

Each of these feature categories will need a different level of attention during migration. Our goal is to fully migrate all Built-in ScriptRunner features on the users' behalf and to assist users in re-writing their custom scripts to be Cloud compatible.

Below you'll find more details on the process and the timelines.

Roadmap for features

Roadmap for features

*The delivery dates above are indicative. Adaptavist may change these timelines without providing any further communication.

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