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Scripting Service 
for Aha! Develop

Aha! Develop bespoke functionality on demand

With our Scripting Service, you can commission our team of Aha! Develop experts to write an extension or integration built to your specific requirements with lightning fast turnaround.

Aha! Develop Scripting Service

Building extensions not for you?

Don’t miss opportunities to improve your Aha! Develop experience because you don't have the chance to code. Whether you're short on time, not sure where to start or just want to get it built by the experts, we’re here to help. Our Aha! Develop scripting team is here to build you production-ready extensions to your bespoke specification, on demand.

Aha! Develop Scripting Service

How it works

Custom Aha! Develop extensions in four simple steps:

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    Understanding your requirements

    Explain what you're trying to do in Aha! Develop that requires a bespoke extension

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    Assessing complexity

    We’ll estimate how long it will take our team to build your extension

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    Moving forward

    We’ll propose a timeline for delivery and give you an estimate on the final price

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    Completion and handover

    We deliver your completed extension file and supply any installation support as required

Ready for a quote?

Ready for a quote?

Get a quote to kick off a project.

Some of the extensions and integrations we've built:

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Announcement Banner

A simple extension that places an announcement banner at the top of Aha! Develop for all users of that instance to see. Useful for important notifications, deadlines, system outages, and so on. It lets you use HTML5 for some attention-grabbing effects.

Aha! Develop Announcement Banner
Multiple Assignees extension for Aha! Develop
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Multiple Assignees per Feature

Solve the common challenge of listing all the team members assigned to your work. You can assign multiple users to a feature, making it easier to reflect the way your team actually works.

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Git Integration

Bring your Git repo into your Aha! Develop workflow, so you can see your commits straight from the Feature and Epic views. Supports GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket.

Aha! Develop Git Integration