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Online Digital Transformation Conference

Online Digital Transformation Conference

We're Headline Sponsors at the Online Digital Transformation Conference 2020!

16 September 8AM - 17 September 4PM UTC

Online Digital Transformation Conference

"The Online 2020 Digital Transformation Conference will be tackling the challenges of successful transformation head on and will feature a diverse set of topics to cover the entire digital landscape. The event will feature different sessions with presentations, panel discussions and interviews." - Digital Transformation Conference

We're presenting too

Register below to join our Developing an Agile Mindset talk led by John Turley on 16th September at 10:00 BST which will be followed by a live Q&A session.

What is an agile mindset, how do you attain one and what are the benefits from adopting this powerful framework for thinking? John explains how adopting an agile mindset with our colleagues opens the door to a truly collaborative environment where innovation can emerge and the whole world can change.

To join the talk register through the Online Digital Transformation Conference website to get full access to the event.


Event hosts and guests:

John Turley

John Turley

Senior Digital Transformation Consultant

John is a pragmatic leader with 25 years’ experience working in companies at all levels, from teams to c-suite, bringing concrete, value-adding change to the way organisations really work. Dissatisfied with the standard discourse around transformation and agility, he is passionate about applying cutting-edge knowledge from fields as diverse as complexity, sociology, and psychology in practical, proven ways that immediately increase productivity at the same time as embedding continuous learning in ways of working.