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Digital Transformation Online Conference 2021

4 March 9AM - 4PM UTC

Digital Transformation Online Conference, UK & Europe 2021

The Digital Transformation Online Conference will run from 09.00 until 16.00 on March 4th with keynote presentations, fireside chats, panel discussions and live Q&A sessions as well as enhanced virtual networking. 

The conference will be loaded with actionable insights that you can take away and implement within your own workflow and practices with real business cases from a mix of enterprise organisations.

Our Involvement 

Register below to join The Four Facets of Agility talk that will be led by Heidi Araya on 4th March 2021 at 1:30pm-2pm GMT, followed by a Live Q&A session!

Heidi will explore how agile is a state of mind and much more than a set of processes or a box-ticking exercise to keep up with the competition. The session will touch into how transitioning to agile requires an overhaul of an entire organisation - from its practices and tools, to human interactions and even leadership style.

From this session you will learn the following:

- What it means to be Agile and its ultimate goal

- How to nurture an Agile mindset in your company

- What you need to consider for Agile to take off in your company

- How the four facets of Agile puts your organization on a path toward creating a sustainable, agility-embracing culture

Tune in with Heidi to take a deep dive into what it takes to truly transform your approach!

To join the event and attend our session, please register through the Digital Transformation Conference website.

Register here

Event hosts and guests:

Heidi Araya

Heidi Araya

Heidi partners with companies to help solve agile, organisation design and strategy execution challenges. A specialist in digital transformation for over 20 years, she’s no stranger to leading agile transformations in a wide range of global and distributed companies. Always bringing a pragmatic approach to her work, she collaborates with businesses to create more responsive, effective, and resilient teams. Heidi is a Senior Transformational Consultant at Adaptavist and co-founder of the Open Leadership Network.