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ACE Chicago-Automation in the clouds: A look at the differences

ACE Chicago-Automation in the clouds: A look at the differences

Wed, 24 Feb 10pm - 11pm UTC

Automation in the clouds: A look at the differences

The Chicago Atlassian Community continues our Cloud Migration discussion.  During this event, we invite experts from Adaptavist to look at some of the harder topics.  

What to do with all the customized automation you've created in Jira Server or Data Center and what's possible in Cloud?

Let's join Jean-Philippe and Mo discussing Automation differences in on-premise vs Atlassian Cloud.  A talk around the differences between automating on-premise Atlassian tools versus the cloud versions.

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Event hosts and guests:

Mo Backer

Mo Backer

Product Marketing Manager
Mo is the Product Marketing Manager at Adaptavist for ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud. Prior to joining Adaptavist, Mo was a consultant helping businesses become more efficient and profitable by working with them to transform processes and cultures. He has insights in a number of sectors, ranging from Automotive to Healthcare, helping him empathise with Jira customers and their commercial needs.

Jean-Philippe Comeau

Jean-Philippe Comeau

Atlassian Consultant
Jean-Phillipe has been working in the software industry since 2011, and has written hundreds of Groovy scripts for Jira, Confluence and BitBucket. As a Customer Success Advocate at Adaptavist, JP helps organisations further their expertise with Atlassian apps.

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