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ACE Berlin- Leaving Serverland Developer Edition

ACE Berlin- Leaving Serverland Developer Edition

Presented by Jean Philippe

15 April 12PM - 6PM UTC

Leaving Serverland - Developer Edition

This is part II - and the developer edition - of The Leaving Serverland event from last year and the organisers from ACE Berlin want to take a look at the state of Atlassian development in 2021 from different points of view. Join ACE Berlin for an afternoon of demos and discussions with and from some experts from Atlassian, Accxia, Adaptavist, Decadis, k15t and Meetical, and the best of all: It's free.

Join Jean-Philippe as he shows you how to translate your scripts to the cloud.

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Event hosts and guests:

Jean-Philippe Comeau

Jean-Philippe Comeau

Senior Customer Success Advocate
Jean-Phillipe has been working in the software industry since 2011, and has written hundreds of Groovy scripts for Jira, Confluence and BitBucket. As a Customer Success Advocate at Adaptavist, JP helps organisations further their expertise with Atlassian apps.