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Six-step guide: what to consider when choosing roadmapping software

Six step guide: what to consider when choosing roadmapping software eBook image

On the right road(map)

Welcome to the world of product roadmapping tools, where the right product roadmapping tool can make it much easier to adopt agile ways of working, helping you to react and respond to change while keeping customer-driven goals at the core of your decision-making.

Unfortunately, not all tools are built equally; some will better suit your organisation's needs. To make your life easier, we talk you through five critical criteria you can use to compare different tools and find the right one for you.

This short CIO buyers guide covers the basics and how these purpose-built product management tools can make all the difference. 

Key takeaways:
  • Learn what benefits purpose-built roadmapping software can bring
  • Identify what user experience considerations need to be made
  • Understand the comparison criteria you need to use
  • Evaluate the different implementation options
  • Gain an understanding of features vs capabilities to maximise value

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