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Special work management report: Productivity is not a place

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80% said the easiest collaboration occurs clearly with home-based workers.

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Work environment

96% are satisfied with their work environment, with hybrid workers more satisfied than those working entirely in-office.

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Work-life balance

100% are happy with their work-life balance, feeling trusted to do their jobs and supported at work.

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98% of people confirmed they are receiving training or guidance on AI tools.

About the report

In late 2023, we partnered with ITWC Research to survey 500 knowledge workers across the UK, US and Canada for our first work management special report, 'Productivity is not a place', delivering exciting, compelling and actionable insights into the modern workplace and teamwork. Some of the results might surprise you!

We delved into topics including: Is our productivity impacted by where we work? How do we approach collaboration and communication? What is the link between culture, morale, and productivity? How do we really feel about the rise of AI?

Learn what we discovered in our new report.

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Who will learn from this report?

The insights from this report will greatly assist leaders and managers as they make crucial decisions about the future of their departments and companies. The need for corporate agility is best answered by nurturing a culture of collaboration, respect, and team member happiness. These concepts must now be held up to a new light: location is no longer essential for productivity. 

"There's been so much discussion about where work should be happening. If you want to achieve great things with your team, it's time to shift focus on the who, how, and why of the work. Atlassian is equipping teams with not just tools but also the practices needed to succeed in the new world of work. Our products - including Jira, Confluence, and Trello - help teams collaborate all over the world. But a product alone doesn't unleash the potential of teams. Along with technology, leaders must also implement and nurture modern ways of working that encourage alignment, cohesion, psychological safety, and potential for innovation."
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Sierra Dasso
Work Management Leader, Atlassian
"The findings in Adaptavist's work management report underscore the importance of investing in technologies to support productivity improvements. The new era of work is here, and teams need the proper tools to be more agile, digital, and communicative than ever before. Business leaders must be open to addressing employees' needs as they pursue productivity in a distributed workforce in a way that makes the most sense for them." logo
Ophir Penso
VP Global Channel Partnerships,

Key takeaways

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Working remotely works well – for employees and leaders

Almost all (99%) chose whether to work remotely, hybrid or in-office. The critical response: being back at the office is unnecessary for productivity.

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A healthy work culture contributes to business outcomes

Most saw improved objectives such as better coordination across teams, improved time to market, increased visibility, and alignment of strategy with delivery.

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Morale and productivity: a rising tide lifts all boats

People almost universally said they feel productive or very productive, with little difference between fully office-based (57% say very productive) and hybrid (60%).

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Productivity is easier to attain through trust than tracking tools

Organisations that embrace a healthy remote work environment tend to favour outcomes and results over face time and keyboarding time.

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The tools of productivity are not being fully exploited

98% are using work management tools, however, most organisations have yet to recognise these tools' unique abilities and promote them or offer training in their use.

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AI is seen positively as a tool, not a threat

Almost three-quarters (73%) of companies confirmed they are investing in AI, with the other 25% intending to do so in the next six months.

Contributor spotlight: Kolekti

Kolekti launched in April 2023 as part of The Adaptavist Group. They specialise in creating essential work management apps that are built with an ambitious mission: ending inefficient work. Kolekti's current portfolio of apps and add-ons is popular on the Atlassian and marketplaces.

Learn more about Kolekti →
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