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Using a JIRA Agile plugin to predict the future

8 April 14 Agile
Using a JIRA Agile plugin to predict the future
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Using a Jira agile plugin to predict the future

Keeping track of multiple projects and predicting when new functionality will be ready not least so the marketing machine can swing into action can be difficult.

A client of ours in the travel sector was in such a situation. They needed greater visibility of their many development work streams and a more accurate understanding of timeframes and delivery dates. Their ultimate goal was a more reliable schedule of work-in-progress that would make co-ordinating releases much easier. Ultimately, we needed to help them to eliminate wasted effort and make delivery costs and schedules dramatically more predictable.

Understanding the business context

An existing user of JIRA and GreenHopper (now JIRA Agile), our client knew we are global experts in the Atlassian product range. We began by running a number of formal workshops and technical meetings to gain a thorough understanding of their exact requirements and, importantly, how these sat in the context of their overall business strategy.

Since the client develops its software in discrete sprints (short packets of work with set goals and deadlines), it is inevitable that problems occur when work overruns. This backlog of tasks has to be evaluated and reassigned and it became clear to us that GreenHopper's standard functionality would need to be extended to meet the client's specific requirements.

Monitoring dynamic work streams

To that end, Adaptavist built them a bespoke JIRA Agile plugin that identifies which bits of work should be reallocated and estimates the time left to complete the work thereby predicting the delivery date and helping the client plan their sprints more efficiently and accurately.

Alongside this we created a set of sophisticated reporting tools to augment JIRA Agile's proprietary dashboard, giving them a much clearer view of progress and timeframes with the flexibility to change things as required.

Adaptavist's innovative approach gave the client the visibility, track-ability and foresight they needed. It also boosted collaboration, enabling them to better coordinate work across development teams where cross-overs occurred.

Leveraging our Atlassian partnership

The whole project took less than two months to complete. This was in no small part due to us working in close partnership with the client throughout, involving them directly in our agile development process in order to deliver exactly what was needed.

But perhaps the main reason for the project's success was our relationship with Atlassian. As Platinum Experts and Enterprise Partners we are unique not only in our understanding of their products but also in our access to Atlassian themselves. Thus we were able to involve them from the outset to ensure our solution was genuinely future proof.

To find out more about how we develop JIRA Agile plugin functionality to meet our client's complex needs download the full case study now or contact us to talk about your specific challenges.

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