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Training line-up for Atlassian Summit 2015

13 August 15 Atlassian
Training line-up for Atlassian Summit 2015
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Training line-up for Atlassian Summit 2015

Like it is every year, Atlassian Summit 2015 is sure to be the largest gathering of Atlassian product experts, developers and users ever. One of the things that many people find invaluable is the training delivered by Atlassian and Experts like Adaptavist.

The courses for this year's event have been announced on the Summit website. There's a range from entry level to power-user level and topics include using Atlassian's tools in the context of agile development, collaboration, DVCS, Git and more. The Adaptavist Academy team will be presenting a number of the courses and will be available on the Adaptavist stand to answer your questions.

JIRA Reporting and Dashboards

This JIRA entry-level course encourages participants to become familiar with viewing, interpreting and configuring project status dashboards and reports.

Introduction to Effective Agile Techniques

An interactive session aimed at improving knowledge of agile development techniques used by high-performance organisations.

Scaling Agile Practices

Tackles the issues you'll encounter when scaling-up agile practices for larger projects and organisations.

Agile Development using Atlassian Developer Tools

This entry-level course focuses on realising the potential of integrating elements of agile development such as Stash and Bamboo.

JIRA/Confluence Integration

A foundation course covering the basics of JIRA/Confluence integration with a view to simplifying and optimising team collaboration.

JIRA Essentials

JIRA Essentials offers practical foundation-level familiarity in using JIRA, and forms the basis for further JIRA study.

JIRA Admin Part 1: Project Configuration

The first half of this interactive two-part course focuses on setting up and configuring the various components of JIRA projects.

Getting Started with JIRA Agile

An introductory course focusing on the management of Scrum projects via the use of JIRA Agile boards, the planning and management of sprints, and the appreciation of agile reporting techniques.

Getting More from JIRA Agile

Following on from the Getting Started module, this course prepares participants for working with JIRA Agile boards and multiple agile boards in real business scenarios.

Getting More from JIRA Workflows

An intermediate-level course introduces advanced workflow features and best practice for configuring them. Real business scenarios are used as examples of implementing workflows.

Practical JIRA/Confluence System Administration

Focuses on the role of the system administrator in an Atlassian environment and how you can create a fit-for-purpose environment in which better information is provided.

Getting the Most from Git and Stash

For developers familiar with Git fundamentals, this course focuses on the detail of Git optimisation, using and integrating Stash, and best practices for a collaborative team environment.

Visit the Atlassian Summit 2015 website for more information and booking.

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