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ThemeBuilder 5 Coming Soon!

ThemeBuilder 5 Coming Soon!
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ThemeBuilder 5 Coming Soon!


The first version of ThemeBuilder for Confluence was released way back in 2006 and since then it's been downloaded over 49,000 times and had more than 50 software updates.

With the advent of Confluence 5 came the Atlassian Design Guidelines and the completely updated default theme. These big improvements to Confluence forced us to sit up and really think about where we wanted to take ThemeBuilder. After lots of consultation with our clients, we have developed ThemeBuilder 5, the first of three related ThemeBuilder plugins that we will be rolling out this year.

ThemeBuilder 5 for Confluence 5.x will be released at the end of July and while it will be familiar to the thousands of companies already using older versions, there are some big improvements:

  • New ThemeBuilder Panels let you build customised skins for Confluence. Panels give you complete freedom to put whatever content you want, anywhere on the page
  • An improved, powerful editor that enables you to add and edit macro properties via an intuitive dialog
  • New HTML5 page framework (no more Table based HTML)*
  • A new default ThemeBuilder skin based on the Confluence 5 documentation theme use this as a starting point for your own customisations if you don't want to start from scratch
  • Write new ThemeBuilder skins for Confluence using storage format and HTML
  • Completely new end user documentation

* A migration tool will be included to help upgrade existing sites to the new ThemeBuilder 5 format

ThemeBuilder 5 Webinar

We ran a free webinar on using ThemeBuilder 5. You can watch the webinar again here. See how ThemeBuilder 5 gives you the freedom to style your wiki exactly how you want it. We'll also go through our plans for the rest of the year and take some time to answer any questions you might have.

For more information on ThemeBuilder, including details of pricing and support, go to the Product page.

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