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Talks I'd like to watch at Atlassian Summit 2020

Talks I'd like to watch at Atlassian Summit 2020
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Talks I'd like to watch at Atlassian Summit 2020

Atlassian Summit is going to feel a little different this year. For starters, it's completely virtual, with two live sessions on April 1st and 2nd. It's disappointing to not be able to see everyone in person this year, but the silver lining is I should be able to watch more talks than usual as most will be available on-demand!

Here's a list of the sessions I'm keen to watch from the comfort of my living room and with an obligatory cup of tea in hand.

Everything you learned about CI/CD is wrong

  • Antonia Verdi, Technical Training Specialist, Atlassian
  • Ian Buchanan, Developer Partisan, Atlassian

The provocative title of this session immediately jumped out at me. It's always interesting to challenge yourself on something you feel you know relatively well. I've spent years working with CI/CD systems, in fact, a lot longer than I've been working with Atlassian stuff. But, I realise the field has evolved, and my knowledge may not be as up-to-date now I've drifted away from it a little. I can't wait to find out what new ideas and developments people are bringing to this topic (that Adaptavist's DevOps specialists are not telling me about!).

From dream to (augmented) reality: PTC's best practices from the IKEA Place story

  • Jefferson Raulino Scomacao, AR Field Lead Manager, PTC
  • Andy Barker, Project Manager, PTC

I've been thinking about Augmented Reality (AR) since I read Neuromancer in 1984, and then played several games that relied on it. Recently, I got my paws on an Oculus, and I can see so much potential for both Virtual Reality (VR) and AR now that people are making it work and be useful.

See it, believe it: How to stop remote work from happening in the shadows

  • Leah Ryder, Brand Marketing Senior Team Lead, Atlassian

With a lot more people now part of remote teams, I'm hearing from some organisations that they don't expect to be re-opening all their physical offices in the future. As this enforced remote working experiment has shown, people can be as productive and creative or even more so when working remote. All teams are facing challenges in this new climate, even if they already mostly worked remote. So, any tool or framework I can learn more about is going to be of interest to me right now.

Look forward to seeing you all online! 

View the full schedule for Atlassian Remote Summit 2020 here.

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Join me and my Adaptavist colleagues as we field all your questions at a live Champion Q&A on Tuesday 31 March 2020

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