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Summit Review #1: JIRA Service Management, Stash Data Center and more

Phill Fox
Phill Fox
23 September 14 ITSM
Summit Review #1: JIRA Service Desk, Stash Data Center and more
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Summit Review #1: JIRA Service Management, Stash Data Center and more

Welcome to the first in a series of Adaptavist blog posts highlighting some of the big reveals from the Atlassian Summit 2014. In this post  the first of three we'll be taking a look at some changes being made to one of the biggest product releases of the 2013 Summit, the further extension of the most exciting Atlassian programme for the Enterprise and some new integrations in the Atlassian Dev Tools family.

JIRA Service Desk 2.0

With thousands of teams running on JIRA Service Management (formerly known as Jira Service Desk) already, its release last year was one of the biggest product launches in Atlassian's history. However, it wasn't without controversy a user-based pricing model was almost unheard of for a Service Management product. That meant it wasn't ideal for larger, public-facing Service Desks.

Atlassian listened to the feedback and Summit 2014 brought with it the biggest change to Service Management since its release last year an Agent-based pricing model. That's right customers can utilise Service Management for free, and the only cost comes from the $25 per agent per month fee. That makes it significantly cheaper than its competitors and without the feature-based pricing that is so prevalent in that market. You get the full feature set of JIRA Service Management which of course is backed by the best-in-class ticketing system on the market.

Stash Data Center

JIRA Data Center is a clusterable, fault-tolerant edition of JIRA for the Enterprise. It was released earlier this year to great fanfare and has been quickly adopted by some of the largest JIRA systems in the world. September saw the release of Confluence Data Center, allowing massive instances of Confluence to be supported in the same way as any other Enterprise software. As the Atlassian Enterprise train continues to roll, Atlassian announced at Summit 2014 the upcoming release of Stash Data Center.

Stash Data Center will provide the world's first Git-based on-premise source code management system that is clusterable, highly-available and extensible. Built with the largest of development programmes in mind, Stash Data Center will allow development teams to work without interruptions, at higher levels of productivity but still allows for all the extensions and add-ons provided by the Atlassian Marketplace.

Deeper Dev Tools integration

Atlassian have been working tirelessly to integrate their Development Tools together more and more. The recently-added JIRA Development panel being a prime example of this. At Summit they announced that, with the upcoming releases of each of the Development Tools, they are taking this a step further With Robots.

Using the concept of Automated Transitions lovingly referred to as Robots by Atlassian Developers can work within Stash, Operations Teams within Bamboo, all the time automatically transitioning issues through the JIRA Workflow. This will ensure that programme and portfolio oversight is maintained. Users will be able to live in their preferred tool, reducing context switching and thereby increasing productivity throughout the Enterprise.

In our next blog post on the latest from Atlassian Summit 2014, we will be discussing the upcoming changes to Atlassian's collaboration suite, including big changes to both Confluence and HipChat.

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