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Save your time, and sanity, with ScriptRunner for Bitbucket’s latest releases

ScriptRunner for Bitbucket

We’re on a bit of a roll with ScriptRunner for Bitbucket. Being developers ourselves, we’ve been looking at all sorts of ways to make the everyday experience that bit quicker, smoother and easier. It’s fair to say we have no shortage of new enhancements that help on all those fronts. So without further ado, let’s dive in and take a look at what’s been added!

Automatically add tasks to pull request updates - with multiline and markdown editing!

Pull request updates will often be accompanied by the same set of tasks, and it gets annoying when you have to type them out again and again and again. Luckily with ScriptRunner, you don’t have to. ScriptRunner can automatically trigger the tasks along with the update. Just like autopilot for pull request tasks!

Better still, your task descriptions can be richer than usual, with both multiline text support and markdown formatting. Because better communication equals better results.

Oh and another thing, you can use a new “add task” button inside the pull request UI. 

There’s a lot there, we know.

Learn more on the documentation site >>

Automatically add tasks to pull request updates. ScriptRunner  for Bitbucket

Prevent merge of pull requests behind target branch

Isn’t it annoying when your pull request goes out of date? Isn’t it even more annoying when you try to merge your out of date pull request onto the target branch? 

That’s exactly why we created this little built-in script to warn you that your pull request is out of date. Chaos avoided.

Learn more on the documentation site >>

Prevent merge of pull requests that are behind target branch

Add reviewers based on conditions

This one’s great because it reduces a tonne of confusion and admin. 

You can specify the reviewer on a request based on that request’s properties. So maybe you want a more senior reviewer to check over the outsourced team’s work. Or maybe you want a mentor to check over an intern’s pull requests. It’s up to you exactly how you use this, and that’s the beauty of it. ScriptRunner helps you fit Bitbucket to your organisation’s processes.

Learn more on the documentation site >>

Add reviewers based on conditions

Out of office replies for Bitbucket

Have you ever waited on a reply to a pull request for days, and then realised the developer was on holiday? We have! So we decided to do something about it.

We figured out a way to hook ScriptRunner into our HR system, so that if a reviewer is on holiday, an auto generated response comes back telling us exactly that. So we know not to wait hopelessly!

So simple, it’s genius. 

Add it to your ScriptRunner instantly with this script from the Adaptavist Library.

Get the script
Out of office replies for Bitbucket
"Little by little, one can travel far."
JRR Tolkein

We couldn’t agree more with Tolkein here. We’re committed to making those seemingly small improvements, consistently. Because before you know it, that series of little improvements has made all of our lives a tonne easier!