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February 02, 2018

Rise above your SLAs with the new Escalation Service feature for ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud

Jon Bevan 2 minute read

Every hour we need unassigned support requests to be assigned to one of our team so that we meet our SLAs. Every day our team lead wants to know about any unresolved sub-tasks of resolved parent tasks so we don't miss anything. 

Every week the highest priority tasks in our backlog need adding to the next sprint. Every month our project manager wants all tickets to be correctly categorised and labelled.

Sound familiar? Then you're likely a Jira admin that spends a lot of time manually administering projects in Jira, wasting valuable time instead of just working on the task itself. Until... 

...Introducing the Escalation Service for ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud 

The Escalation Service allows you to define a process for modifying issues after a certain amount of time has elapsed. This is useful for procedures that require tasks to be completed within a certain time frame (such as your service level agreement). For example, if a task has been opened but not assigned for 7 days, you trigger it to be moved to a 'Prioritise' status, or add a comment which will cause an email to be sent.

Every hour the Escalation Service checks to see if any of your jobs are due to be run (or 'executed' in programming terms). If they are, we fire off your custom Groovy scripts to our Execution Service that takes care of running your code. That service runs the JQL query you specified and executes your code once per issue that is returned. The results and log output from executing your code are stored in a database, ready for you to view in the Logs page that our app provides or directly in the Scheduled Jobs page within Jira.

In order to meet your specific business requirements you can configure jobs to run:

  • at certain times during the day
  • certain days of the week 
  • certain days in the month

How to get started

How-to: Setup an Escalation Service in ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud

With this new feature ScriptRunner for JIRA cloud customers can now automate repetitive regular tasks, automatically triage Service Desk requests, keep your backlog organised for you, and prevent tasks from falling through the cracks.

New to ScriptRunner? How to get started:

Head to the Atlassian marketplace to find out more about ScriptRunner for JIRA and get your free 30 day trial.