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What's new at Atlassian Summit 2019

What's new at Atlassian Summit 2019
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What's new at Atlassian Summit 2019

2019 has been an exciting year here at Adaptavist. Across the entire business we have seen massive growth, but in particular, in Product we’ve worked hard to continually deliver great new features to our products as well as innovative new products such as; Adaptavist Library, VisualScript Studio, Encryption for Jira, and AutoBlocks for Jira. 

What's new at Summit 2019?

Easily visualise data in Jira and Confluence with VisualScript Studio

Imagine being able to quickly explain the status of your project using a clear and concise diagram created directly within your Jira, or Confluence, instance. Our new product, VisualScript Studio allows you to do just that. Created using JSON, the latest edition to our visualisation tools will pull data from Jira or Confluence (or another data source if it has an open API), and organise it into easily understood reports. Send these reports to business owners to enable transparency across projects. Learn more about VisualScript Studio.

Automated testing is easier with Test Management for Jira and Jenkins

Integrating automated testing will be even easier with the new Jenkins plugin. Released on Server and DC last year and launching on the Jenkins marketplace for cloud in the coming weeks, the plugin will allow you to link automated tests to existing test cases and send test results to TM4J. Both Cucumber and JUnit workflows will be supported.

Easier Jira migrations with Project Configurator

The latest release of Project Configurator is the team’s most significant release to date. Import error detection is now more thorough and easier to manage, plus users will benefit from greater flexibility over their migrations.

The user interface will now have a new colour coded format which is easier to understand and more actionable than import reports from previous versions of Project Configurator. Now you can easily discern sections of code and see what changes will be made during the migration. Paid users can download the enhancements once they are fully released by the end of April 2019.

ScriptRunner releases Browse Page

ScriptRunner for Jira have released a new feature allowing users to quickly and clearly see all of the features of ScriptRunner in one place. Browse Page is a homepage built to help users understand the complete power of ScriptRunner by organising them into four simple categories - Administer, Automate, Customise, and Extend. Browse Page is currently available for Server and Data Center. For more information on what it is and how you can get it - check out the blog.

In the upcoming year, product is focused on helping teams improve their work lives under the main themes of democratisation of automation, improved usability, and continuous integration. We believe software should enable you to do more and we keep this ethos top of mind when we create and develop products.

In the meantime, check out the newest members of the Adaptavist product family;

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