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Migrating from Atlassian OnDemand

28 January 14 Atlassian
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Migrating from Atlassian OnDemand


For smaller development teams the Atlassian OnDemand service is the smart way to equip their teams with the tools they need to drive productivity and collaboration. But for a larger operation with more complex technical demands this cloud-based solution can have its limitations.

Installation-free and with no long-term commitments or overheads, OnDemand is great at quickly getting project teams up and running. However, if you have a large number of developers and project managers supporting a sophisticated online presence as was the case with one recent client then you can soon run into trouble.

Expert advice

Our client, a large and hugely successful UK retailer with multiple brands and websites, contacted us for advice on their use of Atlassian. They wanted to know how to get the most out of JIRA and Confluence, the applications at the heart of the OnDemand toolkit. But they also wanted to discuss some concerns they were having working with Atlassian OnDemand itself.

The full Atlassian product range is complemented by around 500 additional plugins, making it even more powerful and flexible. However, only a fraction of these are available through OnDemand and the client was struggling to accomplish everything they wanted under Atlassian's hosted service.

They were concerned about the absence of an SLA with OnDemand, which for them was a massive risk to their business and left them feeling hugely exposed to the potential for downtime. The lack of UK hosting also presented them with a number of security and compliance risks.


As Atlasssian Platimum Experts, Adaptavist sent in our specialist consultants to fully understand the issues, pain-points and wider requirements. During a series of workshops it quickly became clear that they had outgrown OnDemand and now needed something more comprehensive and scaleable to meet their expanding demands.

Our solution was to build them an entirely new managed development platform, featuring JIRA and Confluence plus the wider range of Atlassian’s cutting-edge development tools. Migrating from Atlassian OnDemand to this platform met the client's current objectives but gave them the flexibility to grow. We also removed another major challenge by managing the platform on their behalf, providing the reassurance of a robust SLA coupled with a full disaster recovery solution something that OnDemand couldn't do.

To learn more about how Adaptavist helped our client move to their new managed development platform, including an insight into our approach, the challenges we overcame and the many other benefits they now enjoy, download the full case-study now.

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