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October 26, 2017

Loblaw Digital to showcase Adaptavist Test Management at EuroSTAR 2017

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We're very pleased to announce that Justin Watts from Loblaw Digital’s Test Engineering team will be presenting about his experience with Adaptavist Test Management at EuroSTAR 2017 in Copenhagen.

EuroSTAR is Europe's largest and longest-running testing conference and our case study has won the Real Customer Case Studies Award at this year's event.

Loblaw Incorporated is Canada’s largest retailer. Loblaw Digital develops its multi-channel experiences across physical and digital channels, including online offerings, e-commerce and loyalty programmes. Justin will be talking about how Adaptavist Test Management for Jira has enabled his team to scale up, automate and accelerate agile testing. He’ll explain how managing a large volume of high-traffic digital channels with numerous updates per week presented a major challenge for the testing team.

Adaptavist Test Management helped empower his team to manage, automate and interpret high volumes of complex tests across multiple platforms, products and teams. The result is 2.5x faster regression with the expectation that they’ll soon make it 5x faster. What’s more, testers and developers can now streamline the delivery of new features. They have also been detecting issues earlier in the process.

“The best test management and test reporting tool that I can imagine is the one that I don’t realise I’m using,” said Justin (pictured below), who took some time to answer a few questions for us.

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What were the main challenges for you and your team?

"Being able to consistently release high-quality omnichannel experiences, while increasing engineering happiness and productivity. Managing so many high-traffic digital properties with numerous updates per week presented a resource challenge for Loblaw Digital’s engineering team. We needed a solution that would work for the smallest and largest projects, with visibility of results available across the business.” 

Justin Watts of Loblaw Digital

What were you looking for in a test management solution?

"We wanted a solution that enabled us to scale and quickly execute tests that generate traceable report logs that can be easily actioned by our test engineers and development teams. An automated solution that would remove bottlenecks and be tightly integrated with Jira, the team's central planning tool."

What are the main learnings from using ATM?

“Not only does it feel tailored for the testing process, but it has clearly been intelligently designed. All our initial criteria were met. In addition, we finally had a solution where developers and test engineers, had a sensible way of looking at the tests. Moreover, using the Adaptavist API, we could get test results uploaded and stored programmatically without human intervention."

In summary, what does ATM bring to Loblaw Digital?

"It gives us end-to-end automated testing which I think provides a truly first-class test management experience.”

Discover the power of Adaptavist Test Management for yourself, start a free, 30-day trial now.