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KBC tools up its testing for the speed of Agile

KBC tools up its testing for the speed of Agile
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KBC tools up its testing for the speed of agile

Adaptavist has recently helped KBC Bank & Insurance (KBC) to radically improve the bank’s volume and speed of testing and dramatically reduce its testing costs.

KBC is Belgium’s biggest integrated banking and insurance provider as well as a significant financial services player in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Ireland. With 40,000 employees and 11 million customers, the bank has large-scale testing requirements. However, KBC’s legacy testing solution was expensive to run and maintain, and it couldn’t keep up with the demands of Agile development.

Herman Vandezande, KBC’s business analyst responsible for reviewing test management tools, was looking for a solution capable of supporting large-scale testing and automation and offering seamless integration with their dev tools. Having identified Test Management for Jira (TM4J) he was impressed by its functionality and its native integration with Jira.

A single source of testing truth

TM4J creates a “single source of truth” for testing quality at KBC. All projects, tests, results and tasks now reside in Jira. With the same look and feel as Jira, TM4J makes onboarding and collaboration easy. Its REST API integration was also a key factor, giving teams and stakeholders visibility of testing performance.

Successful migration to TM4J

Once the process was planned, KBC’s migration to TM4J took only three months - much quicker than expected. KBC received a lot of support from Adaptavist throughout, including the addition of functionality which streamlined the process and accelerated its pace.

Ultimately, 130,000 test cases were migrated across 150 Jira projects. Throughout KBC found the Adaptavist team accessible, knowledgeable and responsive. In fact, the responsiveness and support that KBC got from the Adaptavist team from the start was a key factor in the decision to go with TM4J.

Increased speed and volumes of testing

KBC had intended to migrate up to 95% of the bank’s Belgian testing during the migration. However, because it all worked so well, 100% has moved to TM4J. The number of people using the new test management toolset has doubled – a clear indication of its user-friendliness across the bank’s vast user base. Moreover, the speed and volume of testing have vastly increased: there are now 250,000 test cases in 300 Jira projects, being used by over 2,000 people. Finally, TM4J has dramatically reduced KBC’s testing costs. Working with Adaptavist, KBC has met the goals of its migration project and more. Herman sums up the experience in one phrase: “An amazing journey, with great results.”

Read the full case study here or find out more about Test Management for Jira on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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