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Join Adaptavist's beta programme

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Join Adaptavist's beta program

We're working on a plugin that extends Jira to push content directly into enterprise search appliances. Our plugin enables your entire organisation to use the search-and-discover capabilities of your search appliance to access the knowledge held in Jira with no impact on the performance of the Jira server.

Before we officially release the plugin, we would like to work with a limited number of organisations to ensure we have developed the right set of capabilities to help you maximise the use of the information held within your Jira database.

The beta software will push directly into GSA and Solr using their respective APIs. If your organisation uses a different search appliance, such as Autonomy, we will be adding native support for these in later versions, but in the meantime it may be possible to use Solr as a bridge to your appliance (contact us for more information).

Joining our beta program will give you the opportunity to evaluate and influence this software, so register your interest now!

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