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JIRA Service Management - a revolution for service desk software

Andra Dinu
3 October 13 ITSM
JIRA Service Desk - a revolution for service desk software
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JIRA Service Management - a revolution for service desk software

Among the announcements during Atlassian's Summit 2013 keynotes was the news that Atlassian has launched JIRA Service Management (formerly known as Jira Service Desk). Atlassian have applied the same approach that they've taken to managing knowledge and collaboration in the Agile development space to the service desk. Adaptavist is pleased to confirm that it can help customers implement and tailor JIRA Service Management to their organisations. Call or contact us for more information.

JIRA Service Management - a modern, flexible service desk experience

By rethinking service desk software, JIRA Service Management allows you to streamline customer requests and queries and maximise your service team's performance with some very neat features. Firstly, there's an intuitive user interface making for more efficient service desk teams and happier customers. Atlassian are calling this clean, functional interface 'Service in Space'.

Secondly, Atlassian have totally reinvented SLA management and made performance against SLA incredibly high visibility. On the basis that 'what gets measured, gets improved' you can instantly view and interrogate progress and performance on SLA metrics both in real-time and retrospectively. Get insights out-of-the-box for volume and time-based reporting or customise to gain the ability to identify bottlenecks in real-time and lots more.

Awesome features

JIRA Service Management also delivers awesome features including customisable team queues, real-time performance reporting and automated triage. What's more, it integrates directly with JIRA so that IT staff can speak their language and customers can speak theirs.

Customers get access to their own portal where they can report issues and view progress on existing ones. The flexible system allows you to create easy-to-use forms for your users with clear calls-to-action and relevant, contextual information. The template-based form builder enables you to create forms that capture all the details that you need from users and hide fields that your users don't need.

OnDemand or 'behind the firewall'

What's even more exciting is that JIRA Service Management is available now and is available via the Atlassian OnDemand service or as a download to be installed within your own infrastructure or as part of your Atlassian managed service.

For more information, call or contact Adaptavist now.

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