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JIRA and Confluence productivity tips: reusing data

9 January 15 Jira
JIRA and Confluence productivity tips: reusing data
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JIRA and Confluence productivity tips: reusing data

Achieving optimum JIRA and Confluence productivity is easy with these simple hints, tips and tricks demonstrated at the Atlassian User Group in Springfield, MO in December.

Reusing data by reshaping it and reusing it eliminates copying and pasting and improves communication. I've put together my top five ways to reuse data for JIRA and Confluence productivity.

Use your Personal Space as a dashboard

Of course, being aware of your own activities, you don't really need an index of the work you're doing! However, by setting up your personal home page as a dashboard for others, you can provide a clear and concise summary of all your current projects, recent blog posts, Google calendar (which can be embedded) and other helpful links.

Use label lists for grouping

Label lists don't necessarily need to be formalised. Even informal lists help you group pages together for review and summaries. They're a simple tool that impacts a lot of other uses.

Use page properties for dynamic reporting

Since the page properties table is customisable, there's no limitation for the type of data you can display. You can embed JIRA issues for dynamic reporting and summarisation, and it also uses labels which you can concatenate. Be sure to hide your page properties so you can have a summary/report page without displaying properties to a regular user. Once you've set up your report template, you can easily turn that into a space or global template after which you can set up a summary page and add a button to generate reports using the template you just created.

Embed Agile boards for status-at-a-glance

Agile boards make fantastic dashboards, with Kanban columns to match workflow so you can see the status of a given project at a glance. Swimlanes show either priority or assignee, depending on the topic. The quick filters gives an incredible increase in flexibility when compared to the 100+ issue filters that you would otherwise need to build and maintain.

Use team calendars for team reporting

As simple as it sounds: a calendar for teams. It won't replace your current calendar, but is great for reporting to administration what the team is actually working on. You can use it for time logging and then scheduling to identify the opportunity costs of different tasks, and it can also integrate with JIRA to display sprints or issue dates.

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