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In the pit lane with Sahara Force India

9 September 15 Atlassian
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In the pit lane with Sahara Force India

At Adaptavist we're incredibly proud of the exciting and impactful work we're doing with Sahara Force India Formula One team.

The team started using Atlassian products back in 2008, but recently recognised the need to optimise the performance of their toolset. As a relatively small Formula 1 team, with comparatively limited resources, the importance of development accuracy and alignment is amplified. On presenting the issue to Atlassian themselves, Adaptavist were immediately recommended for their expertise in Atlassian products and their ability and flexibility in providing complex and targeted support.

Since then Adaptavist have run a designated round the clock (and calendar) service desk. They've also reviewed, tuned and configured Atlassian products specifically for Sahara Force India's unique requirements. And they've built an intranet system, used across the team, that responds more efficiently and effectively to demands for critical information.

F1 operates at break­-neck speed on and off the track, so the pressure to identify, monitor, design and deliver is at its highest. Adaptavist's adaptability, its knowledge and its approachability have been the key factors in developing a relationship built on trust, efficiency and innovation.

As Sahara Force India's IT Analyst Shona Gilchrist puts it, just having a company like Adaptavist as out partner is very, very useful. She sees the support as specifically targeted to us and how we use Atlassian products. And in terms of the human relationships that have been developed, Gilchrist shares the individuals are very personable and as a team we get on with them very well. These relationships have built a partnership with an eye already on future collaborations too.

Read the full case study to appreciate how Adaptavist has improved Sahara Force India's performance.

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